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September 10, 2012

The vendors of the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market!

Find what you need by looking through the categories below, or scroll further down the page to see some of the vendor listings. 

Since 1997, all new vendors coming to the market must be certified organic. Some of the original vendors who founded the market may be using organic practices, but are not certified organic. 
Please ask each vendor for details on the organic products they offer. There are some vendors that offer a few conventional items at the request of the original market customers. Please be informed.
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Aman Farms
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This vendor is CERTIFIED ORGANIC , their certification process with Pro-Cert Organic Systems began in 2014.


Aman is the Hebrew word for faithful,
but it also means guardian,

established, master craftsman and even rock. 

It's all about faithfully stewarding the land and the animals
in a way that honours and benefits both. 

Aman Farms is at the market every week. 


Freshly baked bread:
Made with 100% organic ingredients and audited as organic. We use freshly milled heritage grains to produce a variety of baked goods such as soaked grain red fife whole wheat bread, challah, 100% sourdough rye, muffins and cookies. Hand formed and baked in small batches.  



Free Range Eggs: 
Raised on pasture and sheltered in our portable egg-mobile,
our birds are free to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air,
grass and bugs.  The nutrient density of their eggs
can be seen in rich dark yellow yolks. In the winter we sprout whole grains
to give them fresh greens.  We also have a limited supply of duck eggs!



Pastured Poultry: 
Our chicken and turkey are protected by portable pens which are moved twice a day to fresh pasture.  They enjoy total free range while we do our chores, allowing them to fertilize our orchard as well as eat bugs which could harm the trees!  We also raise a limited supply of heritage breed chicken, naturally hatched and brooded by hens and totally free ranged for a chicken with that real old-fashion flavour. 




Pastured Organic Pork: 
Our heritage breed pigs are raised on pasture and woodland where they are free to root, wallow, play and explore.  
Every few weeks they are rotated to a fresh grazing area.   Managing pigs in this way creates no smell and
actually benefits the grazing areas.


Fruit and Nuts: We are hoping this will be our first year of production from our asian pear, pear, plum, apple, heart nut and hazelnut trees. We are also waiting for production from our table grape vines. Black and red raspberries will be available. We are continuing to make our orchard more bee-friendly by planting shrubs and plants loved by bees!  Bee hives will be added this year by Marion's Honey to make sure we have good pollination.




Additional Products:   

 Ironwood Organics:  Heritage grain and flour including Red Fife wheat berries and flour, rye flour, oat grouts and rolled oats. Ironwood Organics grinds their flour at the Delta Mill National Heritage Site.

  Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese:    Ontario's only commercial certified organic RAW MILK cheese maker! 





Aman Farms
Karen & Richard Cook
Delta, ON
Phone: (613)924-1423