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September 10, 2012

The vendors of the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market!

Find what you need by looking through the categories below, or scroll further down the page to see some of the vendor listings. 

Since 1997, all new vendors coming to the market must be certified organic. Some of the original vendors who founded the market may be using organic practices, but are not certified organic. 
Please ask each vendor for details on the organic products they offer. There are some vendors that offer a few conventional items at the request of the original market customers. Please be informed.
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Flowers of Aeskulap
Flowers of Aeskulap


 Flower Essences at the Organic Farmers' Market

The Flowers of Aeskulap - Barbara Schuster



I am a Flower Essence practitioner and offer flower essence combinations and/or on-site consultations at the Ottawa Organic Farmers' Market. The essences I use are Bach Flower Remedies, Californian (FES) and Pacific Essences.


What are Flower Essences?

The first question most people ask me is: Are these essential oils? No, they are not!  They are water-based dilutions without scent, taken by mouth in form  of  drops.


What can Flower Essences do?

  Flower Essences can deal with any form of stress and its causes and are ideal as complementary health care or used on their own.  Whether you have stress at work, stress at home, if your children , spouse or pets are not well, or if life isn't going the way you'd like,  flower essences might hold an answer. They can help with  a variety of issues such as   insomnia, exhaustion, lack of direction, procrastination, grief, diffulty hanndling money,  lack of boundaries, fear of death, immune disturbances etc.


   If you would like to find out more, stop by and ask questions, or visit my website: www.theflowersofaeskulap.com. Anyone who wishes to see me is encouraged to contact me  a day or two before market day to confirm or to make alternate arrangements. If you cannot make it to the market, send me an e-mail  or phone for  alternative arrangements.


Credentials:  I have been using essences for several decades and  received  my certification  as a Flower Essence Practitioner in 2004  by the Flower Essence Society (www.flowersociety.org). I am also a Recognized Practitioner of Therapeutic Touch™ . Consultations are available in several languages.



Flowers of Aeskulap
Barbara Schuster

Phone: (613)820-4303