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September 10, 2012

The vendors of the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market!

Find what you need by looking through the categories below, or scroll further down the page to see some of the vendor listings. 

Since 1997, all new vendors coming to the market must be certified organic. Some of the original vendors who founded the market may be using organic practices, but are not certified organic. 
Please ask each vendor for details on the organic products they offer. There are some vendors that offer a few conventional items at the request of the original market customers. Please be informed.
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Klazina Ketting
Klazina Ketting

Klazina trained as a nurse and midwife in the Netherlands before coming to Canada. She brings her skills of nursing, bioenergy, and nutriution to the market.  At her stall, you can find Certified Wild Caught Fish, Himalayan Salts, nutritional supplements, and coconut oil. Klazina carries the AIM INTERNATIONAL line of whole food supplements, Barleylife juices, etc.
About the fish: 
The Stikine River Salmon Run is one of the last wild salmon runs remaining along the B.C. Northern Coast. Unlike most wild salmon along the Southern coast, these salmon DO NOT have to pass extensive fish farm units and water affected by fish farms to enter their natural fresh water spawning grounds.
My market dates for 2019 are:
June 15
July 13
August 10
September 14
October 5
November 2 
December 14
One can call anytime for a SALMON ORDER  AT 613 421 6679
To guarantee your order please call me or email me before the market date! 
If you need something between market dates please call me and I will deliver in the Ottawa area.
 PHONE   613  421 6679
EMAIL:   Klazina.ketting@ gmail.com
Klazina Ketting
Klazina Ketting

Phone: (613) 421-6679